Aron Gadson: Drug Kingpin’s daughter inspired his turnaround – Applauded by rappers Fabolous, Styles P | PICTURES

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*The inspiring story of Aaron Gadson is told by Remy Ma on VH1’s “My True Crime Story” which airs Mondays (9/19/22).

A packed house of moviegoers gave the former drug kingpin a standing ovation as they watched the premiere of his story. iHeart Radio Personality and EURweb Spotlight Host Jazmyn Summers was in the building with activist TAmika Mallory, Styles P rappers and Fabulous.

Aron was raised in the infamous New York City Housing Authority projects in Harlem by his mother in a single-parent household during the height of the crack epidemic.

It made life difficult. He says he is Mom’s second-to-last boy and a gifted child who has always wanted to please his mother.

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Jazmyn Summers and Fabolous at the premiere of My True Crime in Aron’s Story (Instagram)

Tamika Mallory and Jazmyn Dummers at My True Crime Story Premier by Aron Gadson (instagram)
Tamika Mallory and Jazmyn Dummers at My True Crime Story Premier by Aron Gadson (instagram)

Initially, his grades were excellent and he was even on the honor roll at school, but when his mother became a drug addict, he was forced to try and support the family from an early age. Her painful relationship with her mother as she struggled with her addiction left some of the crowd in tears.

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At the age of 14, Aron started selling cocaine around the corner. He quickly made millions in the drug trade in several states and led a life with luxurious houses and cars. In 2007 he was arrested and eventually accepted a 12-year prison sentence. His young daughter ended up missing years of having her father with her.

“It was a really heartbreaking moment for me because it called for a reality for me that if I was the father I thought I was, then I would never put myself in a position to leave my child on a lifestyle,” said explained Gadson.

After his early release from prison, Gadson decided to change his life in a positive way. His five years on probation ended shortly after he focused on giving back to the community by going to juvenile facilities, schools and colleges. He invested in youth centers for colored boys.

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Today, he is the founder and CEO of his clothing brand GUISE” worn by rappers Jay Z, Fabolous, Asap Ferg, and others. He is also the published author of his book titled “You Already Won” and hopes to inspire other men to build their capacity for success.

“More than money or material things, giving back to the community and being the best dad you can be is what’s really important in life,” Aron told Jaz.

And why did he change his life?

“My daughter is the first reason, I have a second reason, my mother. I have many blessings that I need. I don’t know [want] my mother is not proud of her son, I do not want my community not to be proud of me. I think it is imperative to give the best of myself to move forward.

Aron Gadson and Jazmyn Summers
Aron Gadson and Jazmyn Summers

The premiere took place at the Helen Mills Theater in New York City, where guests enjoyed personalized goody bags with refreshments and personalized Harlem-style “Guise” cocktail bags created by black-owned business, Innovative. Popularity.

Jazmyn Summers

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