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Apple Maps has come a long way since the controversy surrounding the service when iOS 6 launched in 2012, but it’s still lagging behind Google Maps in many ways. This week, Apple began distributing the ability to rate and attach photos of places visited to more users, just as the competing platform has been doing for years.

The first time this feature appeared was on iOS 14 and it’s much more basic than on Google Maps: users can rate places like restaurants, bookstores, and pharmacies with or without taste in categories that vary. according to the establishment (overall rating, products and service customers, for example); at the bottom of the page, photos of the place can be attached so that any other user can know the environment through the application.

The criteria assessed vary according to the type of establishment (Image: Reproduction / The Verge)

Voluntary user reviews will be made available alongside information from partner services such as Yelp and Tripadvisor. Additionally, there is no way to add personalized comments to the location, so the scan boils down to “good” or “bad”.

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Reviews are anonymous

Automatically, Apple’s system offers users to fill out the assessment form for places visited (the same goes for photos). The ratings given to the establishment are not identifiable, so there is more security for the consumer to give their true opinion without looking bad on the tape.

A property registered on Apple Maps has its overall rating stamped on the details board, next to its hours of operation. In a section below, the analyzes are located separated by category.

The expansion of the tool is exclusively for users in the United States and Canada, as reported by The Verge. Since the feature depends on user base participation, reviews are still scarce, but they should already help you choose a place to go without resorting to Google Maps. There is still no forecast when the news will reach other countries.

Source: The Verge, MacRumors

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