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press release: Sacred Spaces: Frank Lloyd Wright x Andrew Pielage

Free and open to the public during regular Visitor Center hours working hours April to August 28.

For the past decade, photographer Andrew Pielage has traveled the country capturing Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings with the goal of photographing all of the remaining Wright sites. During his travels, he photographed private homes, public spaces, museums, places of worship, etc. Each building inspires her in different ways, but the one thing that’s consistent is the spiritual quality embodied in each of them.

Meet the Photographer: Salon Speaker Artist: Andrew Pielage

Sunday, August 7, 2022, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center. Registration required.

The exhibition features over thirty photographs of Andrew Pielage’s work from a dozen Wright sites, with pieces selected to highlight the use of light, texture and composition to create sanctified space. . The exhibition is curated by New York-based writer and architectural curator Sam Lubell.

“Like Wright, Andrew Pielage has a deep knowledge of sacred tradition, a deep love of nature and an amazing ability to take users inside a space and help them feel that space. His images reveal what connection, and many resonate with Wright’s nature-based and human-based vision of sacred space.We chose images that we felt most definitively clarified Wright’s approach to what he considered a sacred space, whether it was a church, a museum, or a home. For example, several shots reveal Wright’s ability to draw nature – which Wright considered sacred – to the interior, or its ability to elevate the spirit by creating various interior landscapes reminiscent of the world around them.

– Sam Lubell, architectural writer + curator

Frank Lloyd Wright always spelled Nature with a capital N, saying “You could say Nature is the architect’s God.” Whether it’s a deep reverence for the landscape, the incorporation of natural elements like light and shadow, or an intangible quality only possible through the genius of shearing, Wright’s spaces have all a soothing, healing and inspiring sacred quality.

In her first-ever public exhibition of Wright’s photographs, Pielage takes us into some of these sacred spaces, inviting us to discover and embrace the spiritual and inspirational qualities they contain.

The exhibit will travel to other Frank Lloyd Wright locations across the country, including Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin, Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Fallingwater, in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

André Pielage is an international architectural and travel photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. In his hometown, Pielage discovered the beautiful relationship between landscape and design in the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright inspired his passion for this relationship and his mission to photograph all of Wright’s remaining drawings. With over 20 years of experience, including international advertising campaigns and publications, television reporting, exhibitions and workshops, Pielage continues to do what he loves: capturing the soul of his subjects and inspiring the imagination through photography and education.

All images from the exhibition are available for purchase. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the prints will be used to fund educational programs for young people at each of the four Frank Lloyd Wright locations.

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