Alphawood Foundation Wins Prestigious Publishing Award for Reconstructing the Garrick: Adler &…

Chirag G. Badlani, Executive Director of the Alphawood Foundation Chicago, is pleased to announce that the Foundation has won the 2022 Alice Prize for its publication, Reconstructing the Garrick: Adler & Sullivan’s Lost Masterpiece (Alphawood Foundation Chicago, 2021). The lavishly illustrated 352-page book was edited by John Vinci with Tim Samuelson, Eric Nordstrom and Chris Ware, and designed by Chris Ware. The Alice Prize, established in 2013, is administered by the New York-based More Publishing Fellowships and is awarded to a book that represents excellence in all aspects of the work, from idea to design to production quality.

“I am delighted that Reconstructing the Garrick has received this well-deserved recognition from the Alice Prize jury,” said Badlani. “This award is a testament to the incredible efforts of John Vinci, Tim Samuelson, Eric Nordstrom and Chris Ware to bring the public a greater appreciation of Adler & Sullivan’s ‘lost masterpiece’, both through the visually stunning book and related exhibit on the Garrick Theater at Chicago’s Wrightwood 659. We are proud to have served as publisher.

Joan K. Davidson, Founder and President of Elsewhere and The Alice, said, “The Alice recognizes and encourages the well-made illustrated book in which word and image carry equal weight. Illustrations clarify, illuminate, enhance, and are essential to the aspiration and fulfillment of the book. In Reconstructing the Garrick, the Alice jury recognized a publication that had achieved all of the aspirations that define Alice and resulted in a truly exemplary book.

Rebuilding the Garrick documents the tremendous salvage work undertaken to preserve elements of the Garrick Theatre, Adler & Sullivan’s magnificent architectural masterpiece in Chicago’s theater district. It presents the complete life story of the Garrick, with historical and architectural photographs, essays by eminent architectural and art historians, interviews, drawings, ephemera of all his checkered history and details of its remarkable ornamentation – an important resource and compelling homage to one of Chicago’s finest lost buildings.

Reconstructing the Garrick: Adler & Sullivan’s Lost Masterpiece accompanied the Alphawood Foundation’s landmark exhibition, Romanticism to Ruin: Two Lost Works of Sullivan and Wright, which opened at Wrightwood 659 in Fall/Winter 2021.

“On behalf of my genius collaborators, Chicago cultural historian emeritus Tim Samuelson, graphic designer Chris Ware, and Urban Remains founder Eric Nordstrom, we are so grateful to have our labor of love recognized. This catalog has no only accompanied the extensive exhibit at Wrightwood 659, but also serves to document and shed light on the social history of theater and the then-nascent preservation movement here,” said Chicago architect and curator John Vinci. , in particular, is to be commended for its eye-catching illustrations and use of photography that bring the Garrick to life for a new generation.”

Reconstructing the Garrick: Adler & Sullivan’s Lost Masterpiece was among the five shortlisted publications for
the Prix Alice 2022 which also included: Pòtoprens: Les Artistes Urbains de Port-au-Prince (Pioneer Works
Hurry); Private Lives: Home and Family in the Art of the Nabis, Paris, 1889-1900 (Cleveland Museum of Art);
Ray Johnson c/o (Art Institute of Chicago in 2021); and Sophie Taeuber-Arp: Living Abstraction (Museum of
Modern Art, New York, and Kunstmuseum Basel).

The 2022 Alice Prize Jury included: Ian Wardropper, Director, The Frick Collection (Jury Chair); Athlete
Reynolds, former director, Yale University Art Gallery (president emeritus); RO Blechman, illustrator; Therese A.
Carbone, Program Director for American Art, Henry Luce Foundation; David R. Godine, editor; William P.
Kelly, Andrew W. Mellon Director Emeritus, Research Libraries, New York Public Library; Max Roudin,
President and Publisher, The Library of America; and Pauline Willis, Director and CEO, American Federation of

The $25,000 Alice Prize will be presented at Alphawood on Monday, October 24 in the Rare Book Room of the
the Strand Bookstore in New York. It is the tenth anniversary of the Alice and since the prize was the first
presented at the Morgan Library in 2013, $340,000 was awarded to Alice recipients and shortlisted books.

About the Alphawood Foundation
Alphawood Foundation is a Chicago-based private grantmaking foundation that works for an equitable, just,
and human society. Each year, it awards grants to organizations, primarily in the areas of advocacy,
architecture and preservation, arts and arts education, promotion and protection of LGBTQ rights
people and people living with HIV/AIDS, and other human and civil rights.

About the Alice Prize

The $25,000 Alice Prize is awarded annually to a lavishly illustrated book that makes a valuable contribution to its
field and demonstrates high standards of production. Books selected by the prize jury for the Alice Short List
each receive $5,000. The award aims to strengthen the kind of slow-reading movement that recognizes
and cherishes the enduring values ​​of the well-made illustrated book, and the special sense of intimacy it
offer. Areas considered include fine art and related natural and built and public environments.

About the grants from Elsewhere in publishing
Additionally, founded in 1995, is a unique form of philanthropic support for non-fiction publishing that has
awarded grants to over 1,300 publishing projects – for writing, research, illustration, editing, indexing, printing
and binding, and more, totaling nearly $8 million. By establishing the Alice, moreover celebrates the
program’s history to honor outstanding book publishing and to pursue its goal of providing significant
support for the continued creation of beautiful, timeless books. Plus is a JM program
Kaplan Fund which was founded in 1945 by Jacob M. Kaplan.

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