5 composition tips to help you master bird photography


Wildlife photography is one of the most difficult genres to photograph as it requires a lot of knowledge, equipment and patience to even have a chance to take a good picture. In this video, a world-famous bird photographer shares his top tips for improving your composition.

I had never been too interested in bird photography, as much as I love wildlife. The problem for me is that where I live there are hardly any interesting birds. The second issue was that it seemed like you needed a cannon or an objective to be able to hit the subjects. Then, while reviewing a camera abroad, I had the opportunity to try other bird photographs and learned that these two difficulties are the first in a long series.

One of the particularly tricky parts was patience, of course, and then a great knowledge of how birds behave, where they are going and how to capture them at the right time. All of this before discussing the camera settings, which can also be tricky when using long focal lengths and varying natural light. However, one of the most basic parts of photography becomes unusually difficult when photographing birds: composition. You often have very little time to compose your shot, let alone experiment with different compositions. As with most things, preparation is key, and it’s important to have some composition ideas and basics in place before you pick up your camera.

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