3 things to consider when buying gaming phones in 2022

The plethora of phone brands vying for consumer attention continues to grow. All try to choose a group of consumers and try to woo them by customizing their products and marketing them to that group, whether they are battery-focused power users or photography enthusiasts looking for a great camera.

With the take-off of mobile games in recent years, a device’s ability to run various games is also increasingly considered by the average consumer.

The problem is that given the technical nature of analyzing this capability, it is up to the average user to make an informed decision on this aspect of the phones they are considering. If you’re having this problem, read on for an in-depth guide on a few things to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a solid gaming device.

What should you pay attention to when buying a phone for gaming?

Dedicated gaming phones are still limited to the high-end segment, making it difficult for mobile gamers with more limited budgets to make these decisions. The basic pointers they can use to make the right choice are listed below:

1) Battery capacity and charging speed

Gaming is probably the most battery-intensive thing you can do on a smartphone, so a massive battery is important for gamers. These days, higher refresh rate displays are becoming more and more popular, which means there is even more strain on the battery, especially in applications where a higher refresh rate is applied a lot. , i.e. games.

Although battery requirements vary from person to person, as a general rule, any device considering gaming should have a battery capacity greater than 4500mAh.

It is a well-known fact that using a smartphone on charge ruins the battery capacity of phones over the long term. To save the hassle and expense of replacing your battery down the line, make sure the big battery comes with a fast charger (18W and up) to quickly replenish the battery between sessions.

2) Screen resolution and touch sampling rate

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A high resolution screen is just as important as a high refresh rate. Both contribute to the same process, i.e. increasing the amount of information presented to the player and optimizing their gaming experience.

Higher resolution means more battery drain, so gamers should also research if there is an option to lower it during times when they are looking to save battery in the phones they are considering.

Touch sampling rate refers to how quickly the screen will respond to the user’s touch. This is essential to ensure the success of mobile games, especially in fast-paced genres like Battle Royale (PUBG, Free Fire, etc.).

It is not very clear to analyze because the TSR unit and the refresh rate are the same, Hertz (Hz). It should be noted that the two are entirely different and should be assessed independently of each other. Make sure any device under consideration has a minimum TSR of 180 Hz.

3) Cooling

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Heating is one of the main concerns for gamers, given their heavy use. The heating felt by users is basically the heating of the battery in response to the rapid use of many key systems that the battery powers.

If users are looking to have long gaming sessions, some level of heating is almost impossible to avoid, but this should be contained as constant heating will eventually throttle the device’s CPU and other key components. Fortunately, cooling mechanisms have been designed for mobile phones, based on their larger counterparts in laptops.

Make sure the phones on your probable list have a dedicated cooling system. Liquid cooling is the best mechanism to avoid heating issues altogether, but it’s expensive and only possible in devices of a specific size, so most designers have their methods.

The best way to find out if the cooling system in place is a mere gimmick or legit is to search for the name of the device with the keyword “heater”. This will take you to customer reviews of the device’s cooling system. Example: Heating the Redmi Note 10.

The importance of things like shoulder buttons and the presence of the 3.5mm headphone jack will be determined by gamers’ personal preferences and requirements. Be sure to consider your personal preferences and requirements to pick the best gaming device for you after making sure it fits the bill for those listed requirements.

Warning: This article reflects the views of the author.

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