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Books are great. But coffee table books are arguably even better. To clarify, these are specially designed books to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Good for reading? To verify. Good strictly as a decor? To verify. Good as a gift for just about anyone? To verify. Plus, there’s an oversized book for almost any hobby, interest, or niche. From fashion to cars, and from history to some of the best photography of all time, there’s a tome for it. Yes, your coffee table is beautiful, but it would be even more wonderful with a stack of these books on it. We’ve rounded up 26 of the chicest coffee table books for a stack that is sure to thrill you and your guests.

New York by New York

Assouline makes decorative books like no other. They offer editions of these books for just about any location you can imagine, but of course we have a soft spot for New York …


It’s all in the name. This book is filled with over 150 Oscar Abolafia portraits of some of the most iconic figures of our time, including Diana Ross, Elvis Presley, and Jack Nicholson.

Money. Skate. Seventies.

For the nostalgic interior designer of a bygone era, this immersive photography book captures the essence of West Coast skate culture in the late 1970s.

History as they saw it

For a tabletop book with a historical element, Wolfgang Wild and Jordan Lloyd designed these colorized renderings of some of history’s most legendary photos that had previously only been seen in black and white.

The big book of chic

You are what you read, aren’t you? Interior designer Miles Redd has put together this collection of some of his most fabulous and unique projects.

1000 Places to See Before You Die Coffee Table Book

Warning wanderlust! Browse through these pages filled with faraway and exotic places and you might be inspired to plan a trip.

Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury Updated Edition

Originally published in 2004, this updated tale offers an insight into the archives and inner workings of one of the most iconic designers, examining the brand as it was passed down to various executives (founder Louis, his son Georges and his grandson Gaston).

Art & Vinyl

Galerie Fraenkel / Editions Antoine de Beaupré

Music lovers will appreciate this book, which features some of the last century’s most captivating records and their relationship to art, sometimes through cover art, sometimes not. It includes reproductions of over 200 vinyl records.

Dining at the Club: 100 Years of Stories and Recipes from the Palizzi Social Club of South Philly

The attractiveness of private clubs remains as famous as ever. But for those who might not be able to live that dream, this book will have you vicariously experience all the feasting tales of one of Philadelphia’s most exclusive locations.

Bad girls throughout history

What room could not benefit from a dose of girl power? This beautifully illustrated book tells the stories of 100 amazing women throughout history. Some names are easily recognizable, but there may be some you’ve never heard of.

The Sunshine Stack of Books

Arjé Home does the work for you with its organized stacks of books. Offered in a variety of coordinating color combinations, you can select the one that best matches your desired aesthetic.

Tenements, Towers & Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York City

Real New Yorkers see and love the city for all it is. And that’s exactly what Julia Wertz sums up in this visually pleasing book that also happens to be full of history, fun facts, and relevant NYC content.

Soul. R&B. Funk. Photographs 1972-1982

The soul, R&B and funk genres, revolutionary for their time, changed the course of the history of music. Their influences are also found in much of today’s hit music. If you’re interested in the history of music and the cultures surrounding the soul, R&B and funk genres, there’s no better way to examine them than through the lens of iconic photographer Bruce Talamon, who was deeply connected to the scene.

XXL Special Edition Book by Frida Kahlo Paintings

This book contains some of the most elusive and rare paintings by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Many of them have already been lost, kept in private collections, or never seen before.

Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005-2016

Speaking of exceptional creative women, Annie Leibovitz is known to be one of the most phenomenal photographers of her generation. These portraits will only increase in value.

Good dog

So it might not contain any historical fact or intellectual discourse, but it wouldn’t leaf through this book filled with very photogenic puppies.

High in design: the new cannabis culture

Creations on creativity

What happens when you start a conversation about creativity with almost 50 highly creative people in industries such as painters, furniture designers, and advertisers? An incredible read.

Come fly with me: fly in style

Rizzoli international publications

Be well

With an ever-growing cultural focus on wellness and personal care, Be well examines these things and the importance of wellness while showcasing some of the most amazing spa experiences from around the world.

Rihanna: Rihanna

The woman who doesn’t need to be introduced. Rihanna has gone from standard pop singer to cultural heroine. Now fans will take a peek at his world at their leisure. She so generously gave them an entire book and, as usual, she doesn’t disappoint.

Swimming pools: lounging, diving, floating, dreaming: imagining life at the pool

The artistic potential of a swimming pool did not stop with that of Nirvana no matter album cover. These photos capture the aesthetics, frivolity and sensuality of swimming pools.

Ultimate Collector Car Book

Versailles: From Louis XIV to Jeff Koons

This is just one of the most famous properties of all time. This book documents the Palace of Versailles, still as opulent and oh so decadent.

Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is not only a fashion legend, but also an American icon. His designs are part of the classic American style we know and love. See his story with his own eyes in this book.

Beautiful People of the Café Society: Scrapbooks du Baron de Cabrol

Ah, to be a member of the cafe society. Aristocrats Daisy and Fred de Cabrol drank and dined with some of the most powerful and fabulous people of the twentieth century. Here, the Baron’s albums – yes, he scrapbooked! – are recreated to illustrate the glitzy shimmer of the café society. It might just be an ambitious read, but it’s a good read.

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